Developing executives, leaders, teams and businesses to stand out from the crowd

Leadership Development CoursesDTC is a consultancy group providing leadership development courses and aiming to improve the quality of executives, managers and leaders and the contribution they make to their organisation.

We know that there are many consultancies in the market providing leadership development courses so what is it that makes us interesting or different?

Innovation – We are constantly developing products, tools and techniques that help people to think differently and to provide them with meaningful insights. This means you do not get other people’s re-packaged ideas but fresh thinking.

Strategy and planning – we are comfortable teaching and facilitating sessions that deal with the very toughest challenges for business. This gives us high credibility with even the most hardened or the most cynical and ensures that all our programmes and support to you is aligned behind the need to grow and develop the business.

We are strongly business focused – Our directors have all worked at senior level in large and complex organisations and we understand the pressures on individuals and teams to deliver. We are not academics and theorists but highly practical and talk the language of business not text books.

Customer focus – We have been asked back by every customer or client we have worked with.

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