Brian Stansbridge

Brian StansbridgeFocus

Since 2003 Brian has been working as Consulting Director with DTC specialising in working with top teams and team members helping them to think and behave more strategically and perform more effectively. He works as a personal coach and as a leadership development facilitator working on business issues and personal development. Brian’s recent clients include BT, Cofunds, Liverpool Victoria, Peverel, Zurich Financial Services and a wide range of public sector and not for profit organisations.


Brian started in the public sector, honed his skills in the private sector (financial services) and made regular part-time forays into the not-for-profit sector, academic institutions, theatre, music and the arts, along the way

Prior to joining DTC as a leadership development facilitator he was a senior manager, skilled in strategic thinking and planning and with a track record of creating and running highly talented, well motivated and successful teams. His career was built on foundations in HR and human resource development, but Brian diversified into quality management, operations management, programme management and business planning. He therefore benefits from being experienced at the ‘sharp end’ of a business and has personally had to deal with tough decisions, demanding executives, too much work and too little time, office politics and the need to balance operational demands with building a long term future.


Brian is most valued for:-

  • Helping people to recognise and value their own worth
  • Helping people to develop their confidence, capabilities and performance
  • Stimulating and supporting talented people
  • Bringing focus to unfocused operations and functions

Brian’s core values include:

  • Identifying and addressing issues freely and openly and not avoiding ‘difficult’ issues
  • Keeping an open-mind and not being judgmental
  • Strengthening confidence and self-reliance, not creating dependence on the coach
  • Facilitating tangible change focusing on outcomes not process

And finally…

Brian is a keen musician, actor and director. He regularly directs and performs with the Maskers Theatre Company.