The Chianti Club

Welcome to the inner world of the Chianti Club. This is a members only club but you are welcome to apply for membership here:

What is it?

The CC is essentially a networking event that happens once a quarter. It is for people who are working in the field of senior leader and manager development. It is an opportunity to share ideas, exchange best practice, to meet like minded professionals and to develop your craft.

Why is is called the Chianti Club?

If you work in the arena of leader and manager development, you will probably be used to hotel/ conference room living. Your days will be full. At the end of a tough day, the idea of a nice glass of wine and the chance to unwind with colleagues feels like a great idea. But the programme is in Manchester and you have a 3 hour journey home. So consider this club as your chance to have a nice glass of wine, and some great food – shared with like minded people. You will also learn a great deal and will make contacts that will support you well beyond the meetings.

Why the membership club?

We set this up to be a great experience. We have been to too many networking meetings where frankly the calibre of people is low, the subjects are tired, the room is shabby and the coffee is cold. We also realised there are very few avenues to explore leader and manager development.

We decided to change all that. We manage the membership to filter out people who are ‘looking for work’. We all but ban any hint of selling at our meetings. This is all about an authentic exchange of ideas by people who are busy. We make sure the wine is served at the right temperature and the room buzzes with great conversations.

Where does the club meet?

Our meetings are held in central London in a very nice location. We may consider different locations depending on the needs and suggestions of our members

What happens at a meeting?

A relaxed start with wine in a welcoming location
We will start with a presentation/discussion from one of our members or an invited guest. This will be something to challenge your thinking and to give you ideas, tools and techniques to help you in your role.

We will then have dinner where:

– We will move people around with each course to encourage networking

– We will prompt two discussions:

  1. what have I read that is worth reading?
  2. what have I discovered that is worth sharing?

Networking beyond the event

We will provide you with access to our members forum which enables members to connect, ask questions and explore problems. This will only be available to members so expect a rich source of discussion.

For dates, fees and all the practical things, please fill in this very quick form. We will send you some more information.

More information

If this interests you, please fill in this form and we will send you some more details on the events, locations, costs,  and membership