Executive Presence – offer of the chance to get involved in our 360 feedback research

Firstly thanks to all the replies and comments to the last blog. It was great to stir up such an interesting debate. This week we have an offer for you.

As many of our regular readers will know, we created the Executive Presence Model which we use in training and coaching. In response to many requests, we have now created a 360 feedback version of the model which enables us to collect objective data around how other people see you. Specifically it covers:

  • What others think of your reputation –  your ‘legend’
  • Their views on the impact you make
  • What they see as your main focus at work
  • Their views on how you project self confidence

We are looking to trial this new approach by offering free access to the 360 tool and a free one-to-one coaching session (either in person or on Skype/conference call) with the authors in return for objective feedback that will help us to improve it and develop it further.

We are confident that the experience will be incredibly beneficial to anyone who offers their support as it offers a unique opportunity for objective insights around the complex and subjective nature of the word ‘gravitas’.  We do need to be careful in selecting our trial group to ensure we have consistency, reliability and validity in our studies.

We are interested in hearing from people who meet one of the following criteria

  • They are part of the Management Team/Board level
  • They are on an identified top talent programme or are seen as a key successor
  • Are at senior leader/senior manager level and are in regular contact with board members
  • Are a technical profession who is in regular contact with management/board level positions

Apologies, but we will not be able to accept applications from:

  • People who are not working at the moment – whilst the model may be useful for you, it will be difficult to compare the feedback with the trial group
  • People who are junior in the organisation – the approach is geared towards those who make a strategic contribution at the highest level
  • Independent consultants – The tool is not designed to provide feedback on key account management

The sessions will be with one of the authors, Ann Akers or Andy Matheson so we only have a very limited number of places. If you are interested, please email andy@development-training.com

Music in the office this week

One of our favourite artists, Steve Earle has a new album this week called ‘The Low Highway’. It sounds quite Bruce Springsteen at times. Some great songs and tunes that make you smile. Recommended to fans of Alt Country Music.

We are also listening to Mumford & Sons album ‘Babel’ which not only won lots of awards but happens to be a great listen. We have the bonus edition here with the live album which is well worth getting hold of.