Customer Focus Training

DTC Customer Focus training

Customer Focus Training – We start with a strategy and end with a smile!

We help organisations develop and implement customer service strategies. Many organisations aim to differentiate through customer service but all too few make any real progress.

We take an holistic view of our Customer Focus Training and our support covers many levels:

We can work at strategic level by helping you to identify your most profitable, most attractive customers, those that have the best fit with your future strategy. We can then help you as you work out what they need from you and how you compare to your best competitors.

We can then help you to implement your customer strategy by working with you on the customer experience and how this develops and builds your reputation

We understand that everything has to be’ joined up’. It isn’t good enough to have a great customer strategy on paper. Your ambitions need to translate into practical plans, actions and behaviours at all levels within your business.

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