Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching support for those with tough roles and tough challenges

Executive coaching modelPeople often talk about an organisation as if it is a person. They use words like ‘the trouble with this organisation’ or ‘when the organisation gets its act together’. The trouble is that ‘organisations’ don’t actually do anything; people do. Individuals are where the impetus for change begins. It is also where the true resistance to change resides.

Whenever anything interesting happens in an organisation, someone sits in the middle. The 80:20 rule applies here. A minority of people will drive the majority of the changes. Just as a minority of people will be responsible for preventing change happening.

That’s where executive coaching comes in. And there are two places where it is most effective in the change world:

The Change Driver

We can work with individuals who are responsible for driving change through the organisation. We can help them to make sense of the challenges they face and to bring clarity to the confusion and conflict they may feel and experience.

We can support these people and we have challenging questions for them. We can hold ‘one off’ sessions to work through a specific problem or a series of coaching interventions over a specific time period to help people through a major change project or difficult people issues. Even your most talented, most senior, most dynamic people can benefit from a confidential sounding board and a safe ‘space’ that will help them to succeed and outperform.

The Change Breaker

We  have all met them. The person who has been in the organisation for years. They have seen it all before. For every reason you can think of for introducing a change, they can see a reason why not. They resist, they moan, they complain and they bring the people around them down to their level. You can’t fire them (easily) and their boss has run out of ideas. These people are often unaware of the impact they have and the climate they create around them.

We can offer executive coaching that is targeted to challenge and develop these people. Our aim is to get them on board and contributing to the future success of the organisation.

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