Building a Competitive Leadership Strategy

Making decisions – building for the future…”Leadership Strategy”

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This Leadership Strategy workshop “Building a Competitive Strategy” is the ‘sister’ workshop to ‘Strategic Leadership ‘. This one takes over where the other one finishes and looks specifically at how to take decisions that will drive business success. At the end of the workshop, participants will:


  • Be reminded of the strategic map model and how the strategic foundation of a business provides shape/context to the decisions going forward
  • Be able to think through the consequences of decisions
  • Know how to analyse customer needs and to use this information to drive strategic decisions
  • Understand differentiation strategies and how to bring these to life
  • Be able to summarise the business using a clear map that summarises the business model and how value is created
  • Know how to prioritise investment decisions
  • Understand organizational design and the drivers different designs can create
  • Know how to create a development strategy to ensure the knowledge, skills and behaviours of teams in line with business aims
  • Understand the role of communication and marketing to be able to bring plans to life
  • Know how to shape decisions into a coherent plan


  • Strategic Foundation
  • Business strategy
  • Customer strategy
  • Operating model
  • People strategy
  • Product development strategy
  • Creating a business plan
  • Presenting a plan
  • Preparing to plan
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