Business impact of social media

Doing business in a wired and wireless world…”The Business impact of Social Media”

Social media impact workshop






It wasn’t that long ago that marketing decisions were fairly simple. You decided how many people you wanted to reach, how much information to give them and how much you expected back from them. You would balance your investment and your spend on things like TV adverts, newspaper adverts or perhaps trade shows or visits from sales reps. You were comfortable that, for the most part, there was a correlation between your investment and your return. That a dollar or pound spent would return two, three or more times as much.

And then the world changed…

Many managers grew up in an age when todays popular social media tools were unheard of. We are still amused by leaders who attend our workshops and mock what they describe as new fangled technology. The number of twitter users on our workshops is less than10%. The number of people who use blogging is scarily low. The number of managers who buy into social media as a viable business tool is worryingly low.

This workshop will aim to shake up your thinking around the business impact of social media. If you are young and a regular user (addict) of social media. You will see this workshop as an amusing waste of time. You will already ‘get’ the changes a business needs to make. For the rest of you, turn up, join in and help your business to evolve.


  • Introduction
  • Case studies in transformation
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Blogging
  • Youtube
  • Strategic foundation
  • Strategic decisions
  • Actions and networking

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