Change leadership training – personal resilience

Taking the business in new directions…

Whenever you are talking about change you have to deal with ambiguity and uncertainty. In most cases you won’t know whether a change has worked until weeks or months after implementation. This Change Leadership training workshop provides individuals with the opportunity to build a change plan from scratch and to work on it with our facilitators and other participants.

We discuss the context in which change is taking place, how to engage and energise the organisation to drive the change through with you. We will explore the leaders need to manage the emotions and motivations of others as well as their own levels of resilience and resistance to change.

We provide a structure for developing a change plan and will help participants know how to present this in a positive way to people.

In preparation for this session we will help participants to understand change in more depth. We will explore why people resist change and why some change initiatives fail.

Aims – at the end of this workshop participants will:

  • Understand the practical steps and
  • the psychology underpinning successful change strategies
  • Have produced a written summary of a change they wish to introduce
  • Have worked through the change and considered the resistance they might receive and how to reduce this
  • Have developed a project plan that manages the personal concerns of teams and individuals
  • Have developed a plan that will deliver business benefits within a set time frame
  • Have presented a change plan to a tough audience and will be able to tighten it up based on the feedback
  • Leave the session with a very clear change plan that is ready to launch


  • Introduction
  • Strategic context
  • Case study
  • Change & culture
  • Leading transition
  • Responses to change
  • Power and influence
  • Successful change strategies
  • Change and transition in practice
  • Action planning

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