Customer Focus – Outside in Thinking

Customer Focus – Putting customers at the heart of your business…

Customer Focus


Most companies claim to be customer focused. In fact they can prove it to you. They can show slides and mission statements and booklets that all illustrate their commitment to the customer. Except they don’t always do it terribly well.

This Customer Focus workshop is all about taking customer service beyond the rhetoric. It lifts the lid on customer service to see what needs to happen behind the smiles of the front line staff.

The workshop takes an holistic view of customer orientation and considers all the implications of taking on a customer service strategy. At the end of this workshop leaders will:

  • Have learnt some lessons from great companies who seem to get customer service ‘right’
  • Have reconsidered their view of the worth of customer excellence to the business
  • Have considered the customers’ view of the business from ‘outside in’
  • Have worked through the six disciplines of the customer experience and have reflected on what needs to change
  • Develop some clear strategies and actions to apply on return to work


  • Introduction
  • The myth of customer service
  • The business benefits
  • The ecosystem
  • Six disciplines
  • Feedback and insights
  • Planning
  • Transforming the business

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