Leading virtual & remote teams

Building collective strength in a virtual world…”Leading Virtual Teams”

Leading virtual teams

As organisations become larger and more geographically spread there is a tough leadership challenge. How do you engage with teams and individuals that are not physically located in the same place?

Leading virtual teams, across boundaries, can amplify the leadership problems that emerge for a team located in the same location. This workshop is designed to look at the issues and the challenges involved and to help participants think through successful strategies.

At the end of the workshop participants will:

  • Be clear on the additional leadership challenges that arise from working with remote or virtual teams
  • Understand the similarities and differences and needs from people working remotely
  • Know how to adapt their leadership style to suit remote working
  • Be aware of the communication tools available and the strengths and limitations of these
  • Have greater personal insight into the needs and motivations of the remote worker to enable them to connect more positively
  • Have acquired some practical tools and techniques to help lead across boundaries


  • Introduction
  • Real team v remote teams
  • The strengths
  • Challenges
  • Successful leadership
  • Vision and clear strategies
  • Communication
  • Remote working in practice
  • Best practice
  • Action planning

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