Managing Business Performance

Making sure the important things get done…”Managing Business Performance”

Managing Business Performance


This workshop on Managing Business Performance will help participants to become more focused on results and will give them tools, techniques and ideas to focus their team(s) on results.

Participants attending this workshop will:

  • Know how to pull together a set of clear objectives and actions for their area of the business
  • Know how to write goal statements for individuals and teams that help them to focus
  • Know how to work on priorities for the areas that are most important
  • Know how to deal with poor performance in a constructive way
  • Be able to use a simple but effective tool to monitor progress from individuals in your team
  • Know how to ensure the key priorities receive the attention they deserve


  • Introduction
  • Planning
  • Goal setting
  • Accountability
  • Giving feedback
  • Four disciplines of execution
  • Reporting
  • Building a culture of results focus
  • Upward reporting
  • Action planning

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