Strategic Leadership Training

Strategic Leadership Training – “Helicopter Vision”…

Strategic Leadership training

Building a firm strategic foundation – Aims:

This Strategic Leadership Training workshop is designed to help leaders, managers and technical experts to think strategically. It is highly practical and those attending will leave with a much greater understanding of the process and with a range of tools and techniques they can use. This workshop focusses on building an effective strategic foundation and by the end participants will:


  • Be committed to taking an active role in developing successful strategies for the business
  • Be able to use and apply the Strategic Map Model to structure the process
  • Understand the components of building an effective strategic foundation that can provide the context for sound decisions
  • Know how to develop a clear business strategy that is coherent and effective
  • Be able to use a number of different strategic thinking tools
  • Have greater confidence in their ability to drive and/or contribute to the strategic agenda
  • Know how to develop authentic mission, vision and values statements and communicate these effectively
  • Know how to conduct a powerful SWOT analysis for their business
  • Have improved their capability in presenting a business case
  • Know what it takes to engage others and gain their commitment

Topics covered:

  • Strategic context
  • Strategic map
  • Internal analysis
  • External analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Vision mission & values
  • Presentations
  • Preparing to plan
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