Top Team Development & Team Coaching

Top Team Development – In which a collection of talented, opinionated and powerful people work brilliantly together to drive success…


Its not just what you do but how you work together that matters

Working at the top of an organisation can be challenging. You will face tough decisions and the implications of these decisions can have far reaching consequences. Get things right and the organisation can have a positive and bright future. Get things wrong and the team may be creating problems for the organisation going forward.

The dynamics and teamwork within a top team matter a great deal. Top teams usually comprise a collection of talented people with quite different personalities, different ‘maps of the world’ and different priorities. When they come together these dynamics come into play and the results they achieve as a team are governed by the dynamics they create.

We are highly experienced in Top Team Development and can help them to:

  • Understand how important it is for the team to work as a unit and not just as individuals
  • Understand and label the dynamics that are happening within the team
  • Develop skills and capabilities to demonstrate Emotional Intelligence when working together
  • Build on team strengths
  • Recognise and manage the weaknesses in the team
  • Feel comfortable to give positive and constructive feedback to each other to enable the team to develop and become stronger
  • Become skilled in debating issues and then showing solidarity and commitment in the decisions they take, even if individually there were differences of opinion in reaching these decisions
  • Feel energised and a stronger sense of loyalty to each other
  • Trust each other and have confidence in their ability to work at the highest level
  • Support each other and build their reputation as a team
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Working with the top team at Peverel.

A large executive team, several new team members on the board and some tough commercial challenges. The team reported into new owners and had to gel quickly and impressively

We worked with the team to help them understand and agree their priorities and how to best work together to achieve them. We explored the teams strengths and weak points and helped to build a stronger, more dynamic team that impressed and over delivered.