I have been working at the FCA for 10 years and the facilitators from DTC are the best I have seen

Thanks again for your work with us in Warwick. I can relay the feedback as universally positive. “The best yet…” is a general summary.

I thought the course was excellent! It was a great balance of learning effective and simple frameworks and having the opportunity to put them into practice – which is not so simple! The DTC facilitators were very compelling and provided really stimulating materials. I started using the things I’d learned straightaway to good effect. Coaching is a life skill we should all have in my view regardless of whether we’re managers or not. For managers this is an essential skill that can make all the difference.

Brilliant course, challenged and inspired me – thank you!

A very good course that challenges your thinking and your approach to coaching – the activities put you outside your comfort zone in some instances but when you see the end result and start understanding the methods it makes it worthwhile.

I would strongly recommend Ann to other Top Teams who need a facilitator

Ann made you feel very inclusive, a warm and friendly style of facilitation……ensured everyone had a voice. Was structured, but was able to read the needs of the room & allowed the agenda to change accordingly….but without compromising the desired outcome / objectives.

Ann is an extremely experienced coach with the scar tissue to back it up – i.e. she has held various executive roles that support matters – i.e. not all theory. She is also able to make all levels of colleagues feel equal & ensures that their view s are aired

Everyone would benefit from a programme like this

The handouts were probably amongst the best I have seen for a training course.