Senior Leadership & Top Teams – How do you measure up?

We have attached our business excellence model and hope it triggers some reflections or thoughts for you. If you aspire to work as a senior leader, this model will help to map out the challenge you face.

If you are already working at this level, then our challenge is simple. Review your last couple of months at work. By calendar analysis, where do you and your team spend your time? Great leaders and top teams will work hard in all four quadrants. They manage to balance the pressures to ‘run’ the business with the need to ‘build’ it. They appreciate that results are important (minds) but that they need to engage the people (hearts) on the journey.

How are you doing? What are you missing?

As a suggestion, print this picture, take it to your next team meeting and have a discussion about how you and your team are spending your time. Where are your strengths? What do you need to improve or do differently?