Embracing and Leading Change


We offer a range of workshops themed around leading change and change leadership.

Leading Change

We have programmes and workshops designed to help managers and leaders deal with the practical issues in leading and inspiring people through change.

We help them:

  • Plan for successful change
  • Innovate
  • Challenge existing ways of working
  • Get people on board
  • Empower and involve people
  • Build personal resilience and courage
  • Understand the existing and desired culture and behaviours
  • Build a change focused culture

Implementing Change

We also have programmes for those on the receiving end of other people’s decisions. We can help them

  • Overcome concerns and resistance
  • Feel positive and enthusiastic
  • To contribute to the change plans
  • Know how to innovate and challenge

Our Leading Change programmes blend theory and practice. We make sure people understand the context for change (the Strategic Agenda) and we design workshops that ensure people make progress on real issues.

For further information on Leading Change download the brochure below or Get in Touch

DTC Brochure 2017


We have many years experience in helping leaders build change plans. We have developed a change leadership model that can map the process.

We have a model based around decision making that is so powerful one of our clients turned it into a mouse mat as a constant reminder for all staff
We have developed several approaches to change that engage people on a specific problem with a results focus.


Innovise is a rapidly growing company with great people and big ambitions.

We worked with them to design and develop an extensive modular programme over 18 months that would transform their leadership capability and ensure they had the knowledge, skills and behaviours in place to drive their desired changes.