Talent Development

Surround yourself with brilliance…”Talent Development”

Talent Development

This Talent Development workshop takes a fresh look at some familiar topics. The workshop is designed for senior leaders and we make an assumption that they already have some of the core skills (the building blocks of effective leadership)and our aim is to build on these.

The workshop starts by looking at the importance of developing talent at the highest level. We also explore the implications of getting this wrong.

From there the workshop takes on a highly practical feel with a range

of tools and techniques designed to enhance and improve knowledge, skills and confidence in developing talented people.

Our aim is to help participants to raise the bar on developing people. We will also challenge them to deal with those who are not performing at the right level.

We have found that poor leaders make some common errors. They fail to recruit great people in the first place. They fail to deal with people who are not performing

(and this effects their own reputation of course). They don’t spend enough time coaching, developing and mentoring people. Some blame time management and the pressure of work. Others blame the employees themselves!

This workshop will develop the vision, the skills and the enthusiasm for people at the top of the organisation to surround themselves with brilliance.


  • At the end of this workshop participants will:
  • Be able to take an objective view of discovering talent – able to spot signs of potential Have improved their skills as a personal coach
  • Have improved their skills as a mentor
  • Have a greater insight into people’s motivators and drivers
  • Be able to focus people on results in a way that builds success and people’s self esteem
  • Understand the power and limitations of performance management as a leadership tool
  • Be able to deal with poor performance to raise the bar of your whole team’s capabilities
  • Have developed a range of tools and techniques to facilitate group and collaborative problem solving to engage people on the problems you are facing

Style & Content:

We don’t like role plays – they can feel false and artificial. Fabrication of discussions and the pressure to act and invent information and reactions is often used as an excuse for poor performance. The learning can get lost.

We use ‘real play’

  • We expect participants to bring real problem/issues and dilemmas to the workshop and these become our case studies
  • We will develop the skills by encouraging real debate and practicing ‘live’
  • We will explore, demonstrate and practice a range of new tools and techniques and leaders will feel confident to use them again as soon as they return to work
  • We will demonstrate powerful techniques for engaging people by using real examples
  • Participants will gain many personal insights that will help their own personal development

Talent Development Topics:

  • Introduction & context
  • Spotting talent
  • Selecting talent
  • Focussing people
  • Coaching skills
  • Curiosity
  • Mentoring
  • Motivators & drivers
  • Poor performance
  • Working with talent
  • Personal development planning

For further information on this Talent Development workshop please download the new DTC Brochure 2017 or get in touch.