Leadership Development

Great leaders connect people with the strategy and the values. They motivate, develop and engage people. They focus on Leadership Development.

We have developed a flexible – high impact programme which covers the following areas:

DTC Leadership Development Model

Leadership Development – Getting the basics right

People – the core skills in people development – recruitment – induction – appraisals – development – leadership style

Results – focusing people on the results that matter for the business – dealing with poor performance – giving feedback

Sprit – developing a  team culture where people feel engaged, motivated and engergised around the challenges you face

Leadership Development – Leadership Excellence

Self awareness – holding the mirror up to personal style, behaviours, type, strengths and weakness

Change – How to focus people on change and how to manage and minimise resistance

Strategic Orientation – Understanding commercial pressures – customer orientation – building a successful business

We can integrate our programmes into your existing leadership development initiatives to make them stronger, more business focussed and more powerful.

In addition, we can create a learning experience that not only transforms the capabilities of your people but engages them on projects and change plans that will deliver immediate results and progress for your business. You will be able to measure the impact of the leadership development programme with bottom line results.

DTC Brochure 2017


We have developed a leadership competence model that clarifies the core knowledge, skills and behaviors we need from leaders at the top of their game.

We have supported this with our app for the iPad ‘The Leadership Coach’ which we use to coach, challenge and develop the leaders on our programmes.


Developing Leaders in the Post Office.

We have worked with the Post Office to develop leadership development programmes for over 800 managers and leaders. We designed programmes that were highly participative and interactive, allowed people time to reflect on real issues at work and resulted in clear actions and plans for change.

We also needed to make sure we were aligned to the brand and the core vision and values for the business. Oh and we had between 30 and 50 participants on each event. The feedback was amazing.